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    for the young and the young at heart!

    Are you planning a trip to Venice?

    Well, contact me and discover Venice though a native’s eyes who has also studied in depth its legendary civilization and its unique and amazing art.

    A Registered Local Tourist Guide can help you optimize your time by skipping the lines, to begin with, and let you grasp the true spirit of Venice by revealing what most of the “hit-and-run” tourists never even imagine.

    And if it’s a family trip, let me help your kids to get the most out of it with fun! For more info about enthusiastic and informative family friendly tours please visit my new web site www.venicekidstours.com

    GuideVenice blog

    Family friendly tours

    18 November 2016

    Private tours in Venice for families with kids

    Since I’ve started to travel with my twin boys, I’ve realized that if I don’t want my own holiday to be wasted, I have to adapt my cultural needs to my kids’ interests and rhythm, I have to put them…

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    17 November 2016

    An unexpected call

    Yesterday, I received a very unexpected call from a nice guy of Luxury Travel Guide, a company based in Birmingham, representing the excellence of hospitality, that promotes the Holiday and Tour Specialists Awards, an international awards program involving many companies,…

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    13 November 2016

    A curious feast: St Martin’s day in Venice

    From Venice kids tours’ blog, discover how after celebrating Halloween, that has been recently imported in Italy, children in Venice keep enjoying a much more ancient feast: St Martin’s Day! St Martin’s day in Venice

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    cruise venice

    11 November 2016

    Fully customized Cruise Shore Excursions in Venice

    There’s an alternative to crowded group tours: enjoy a customized private tour with your family or with your travel mates starting right from the port and make the most of your time in Venice! Meet your guide right at the port!

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    Reedentore Church Venice

    16 July 2016

    A special Redeemer Festival

    One of the most amazing Redeemer feasts of my life was the one I spent with some of my dearest friends on Gianni the taxi driver’s legendary boat in 2012. You know, the kind of friends that you’ve known all…

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    Bob barker in Venice

    8 February 2016

    Tales of ancient and modern pirates in Venice

    It feels so good to know that there are still people in this world that would leave their life aside to embark on dangerous adventures, just to save whales from illegal fishing or to stop criminals from destroying our oceans……

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