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    An unexpected call

    Yesterday, I received a very unexpected call from a nice guy of Luxury Travel Guide, a company based in Birmingham, representing the excellence of hospitality, that promotes the Holiday and Tour Specialists Awards, an international awards program involving many companies,…

    Reedentore Church Venice

    A special Redeemer Festival

    One of the most amazing Redeemer feasts of my life was the one I spent with some of my dearest friends on Gianni the taxi driver’s legendary boat in 2012. You know, the kind of friends that you’ve known all…

    hidden Venice

    The hidden Venice…

    Is there a real hidden Venice, a secret Venice? Or is it all about finding a different approach for a tour?

    casino venice

    Entertaining in Venice

    Venice offers so much cultural entertainment, especially in the hot season: events, concerts, expositions, shows, museums. The Venice program is normally quite rich and is available in any Tourist Offcie (A.P.T.) or atmeetingvenice. However, Venice is not exactly well-known for…

    pigeons venice

    Pigeons on a diet in Venice

    In spite of the many polemics over the deal, the photographers of so numerous pictures in St. Mark’s Square received the notice to quit: the corn sellers have disappeared and tourists are not allowed to feed the poor pigeons anymore….

    illegal commerce 2

    Sop illegal vendors

    In Venice, as in other big cities of the world, some streets are full of street vendors selling counterfeit designer purses, bags, sunglasses and belts at bargain prices. Yes, you may save money at the moment, but be informed that…

    tourists in the canal Venice

    In Venice, swimming is the channels is not allowed

    Especially during the hot summer time, the lagoon water may sound quite inviting, but swimming is strictly forbidden in the whole historic center and not recommended indeed. To refresh yourself, just take a water bus to the Lido, the official…

    unrespectable behaviour venice

    Rules of “public decency” in Venice

    Venice is not a big picnic area: the whole city is a magnificent and delicate monument under the sky! That’s why in certain very prestigious sites, such as St Mark’s square, you cannot have lunch sitting on the ground.  …

    movies in Venice

    A guided tour on the footsteps of the movie sets in Venice

    A guided tour on the footsteps of the Venetian movie sets to discover Venice through the camera’s eyes: stories, anecdotes from the most recent movies shot in Venice, such as The Tourist, Casinò Royal, The Italian Job and lots more…

    masks in venice 2

    Venice is a shopper’s paradise

    Venice without a doubt has much to offer in the way of shopping: all the most famous fashion designers have an elegant shop in town, giving you the chance of buying the best clothes, shoes & accessories. But if you…