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  • Venice guided tours

    Family friendly tours

    Private tours in Venice for families with kids

    Since I’ve started to travel with my twin boys, I’ve realized that if I don’t want my own holiday to be wasted, I have to adapt my cultural needs to my kids’ interests and rhythm, I have to put them…

    The history of a myth genesis: the Doge’s Palace of Venice

    The history of the lion’s Republic: a charming journey in the polical herat of Venice, the Doge’s Palace, the seat of the government of the Most Serene Republic for almost 1000 years. Itinerary: Institutional Chambers, Bridge of Sighs and Prisons.

    cruise venice

    Fully customized Cruise Shore Excursions in Venice

    There’s an alternative to crowded group tours: enjoy a customized private tour with your family or with your travel mates starting right from the port and make the most of your time in Venice! Meet your guide right at the port!

    movies in Venice

    A guided tour on the footsteps of the movie sets in Venice

    A guided tour on the footsteps of the Venetian movie sets to discover Venice through the camera’s eyes: stories, anecdotes from the most recent movies shot in Venice, such as The Tourist, Casinò Royal, The Italian Job and lots more…

    Guided tour among the Venetian mysteries

    In Venice there are three hidden magical sites.. when the Venetians are tired of the official authorities, they walk  to these secret places, and opening the doors they find at the very end of these courtyards, they go away, forever,…

    Murano Burano Torcello

    Discovering the Lagoon: Murano, Burano and Torcello

    Our Venice would not even exist without its lagoon: this extraordinary morphological system was chosen since the beginning as a safe shelter by the venetian State, that has always tried to rescue it from its own destiny.

    Hidden Venice with gondola ride

    A ride in the most romantic “boat” in the world is certainly an experience not to be missed: it encompasses the full spirit of the Venetians and their love of the Lagoon. Itinerary of this combined private tour:   This…