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  • A guided tour on the footsteps of the movie sets in Venice

    movies in Venice

    A guided tour on the footsteps of the Venetian movie sets to discover Venice through the camera’s eyes: stories, anecdotes from the most recent movies shot in Venice, such as The Tourist, Casinò Royal, The Italian Job and lots more…

    Itinerary of this private walking tour:

    Seat of the International Film Festival since 1932, Venice was yet chosen since throughout movie history some of the most important directors have come here to use the city as a charming set for a number of films.

    However, this tour wants to go further or even better, behind the most recent movies: news from the back stage, gossip about the actors and film crew, about the tricks that were used to get through the practical difficulties due to the peculiarity of this strange city on the water.

    Since some of the movie sets are visible from the water, this tour could be also by private water taxi. Please also see the tour Venice seen from the water and Water and stones: up and down the grand canal.


    approx. 2 hours


    Any cost for transportation must be paid on the spot.