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  • The history of a myth genesis: the Doge’s Palace of Venice

    The history of the lion’s Republic: a charming journey in the polical herat of Venice, the Doge’s Palace, the seat of the government of the Most Serene Republic for almost 1000 years. Itinerary: Institutional Chambers, Bridge of Sighs and Prisons.

    Itinerary of this private tour:

    The Doge’s Palace offers the chance of going deeper into the history of Venice, its extraordinary political system that preserved a very long period of social peace.

    Starting in the beautiful courtyard with the staicase of the Giants Mars and Neptune, we retrace the birth of the ancent castle, and we begin the Institutional itinerary including the Doge’s Apartment, the Monumental Chambers of the State Institutions and the Armory. This will be a unique opportunity to reflect on the history of the city, its political and administrative organization and most especially its method of dispensing justice. Finally we cross the famous bridge of Sighs and visit the Prisons.

    The tour can be completed with the Secret part of the Palace, where the bureaucratic machine of the state arranged the exercise of power. The secret Venice itinerary includes visit of the “piombi”, the famous lead cells under the roof of the Palace (including the cell which also housed the famous libertine and lover, Giacomo Casanova); the disturbing Torture Chamber and the incredible floor of the Great Council.


    approx. 2 hours


    Reservation is not mandatory. For groups with a minimun 10 pax the use of whisper headsets is mandatory (the headsets can be rented inside the Palace for 1 euro per person).

    This tour can be completed with the Secret Itinerary of the Doge’s Palace or can be tailored to the needs of families with kids or organized as scavenger hunt.

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