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  • Guided tour among the Venetian mysteries

    In Venice there are three hidden magical sites.. when the Venetians are tired of the official authorities, they walk  to these secret places, and opening the doors they find at the very end of these courtyards, they go away, forever, to reach beautiful places and to other stories… (Hugo Pratt)

    Itinerary of this private walking tour:

    Much has been said about the dark side of Venice, and of its mysterious image. If you are looking for an alternative way to discover the city, then have a trip through the most fascinating and intriguing stories.

    I can suggest different itineraries, in more than one “sestiere” (district) of the city, touching the sites linked with ancient legends, cruel crimes, ghosts stories fluttered around some famous monuments and especially the “corti sconte”, the hidden evocative corners.


    Tour duration: approx. 2 hours

    Notes: On the way, we could also stop to have a spritz (Venetian cocktail), if you wish!