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  • The must see: St Mark’s Church and walking tour in the Venice highlights

    After an introcuction in St Mark’s Square, enjoy the fabulous St Mark’s Basilica (skip-the-line) and a walking tour to grasp the true essence of Venice, by learning about the glorious past and also everyday life.

    Meeting point and introduction in St Mark’s Square, sumptuous theatre of the city splendor in the past and in the present, protected by the silent majesty of the famous Bell Tower. Then, the inimitable and unique Basilica of San Marco with its thousands of square meters of gold mosaics and its oriental atmosphere (for you, a privileged entrance door, as you have a Licensed Tourist Guide with a “skip the line access”).

    Then a nice stroll to: Marco Polo’s House, symbol of the Venetian commercial supremacy in the Eastern world; Campiello del Remer, with a fantastic view over the Grand Canal and Rialto market, the beating heart of the working-class neighbourhood, in the past and in the present; Fontego dei Tedeschi (German warehouse), unchanged scenery of the Venetian trading spirit and of the cosmopolitan nature of this city; Rialto Bridge, one of the Venetian ambassadors in the world; Palazzo dei Camerlenghi and San Giacometto, the trading district of  merchants and craftsmen; the Fish Market, with its colors,  perfumes,  customary things and its usual voices.


    approx. 2 hours


    Please note that the “skip the line” access for St Mark’s Church is available only from Aprle to October. The tour will run sun or rain but in case of “acqua alta” (flooding) or special events, the church might be closed without warning or the privileged entrance for Licensed Tourist Guides may not be guaranteed.

    Please also note that you must be properly dressed to enter churches (no shorts, no miniskirts, no bare shoulders); backpacks are not allowed inside Saint Mark’s church: outside locker-rooms are free of charge.

    This itinerary can be fully customized at pleasure.