According to the Italian law all guides must be certified by passing an examination given by the state to perform their services. This card must be shown when in service.

Being simply a “native” is not synonymous with reliability or competence: this law is meant to guarantee the highest quality for the consumer. If you hire someone that cannot show this license upon request of the authorities, you could find yourself in an embarrassing situation…

Pay attention: in Italy there are three different guides: “tour leaders” in charge for transfers and assistance during tours and “tourist guides” in charge for guided tours along the streets and inside monuments, museums and churches. But pay attention: you can book a “national tourist guide” o a “local tourist guide” specialized  in Venice  ad its province. Itay is such a rich country, it is impossible for one person to guide you well everywhere….be sure you book a registered local tourist guide!

In Venice a taxi is a boat

That is it! So if you are in a hurry, a taxi misght be more suitable to you: Fast and fun, this means of transportation represents the modern side of the city, but take my advice- ask the price before boarding. For further information:www.motoscafivenezia.it or  www.venezianamotoscafi.it

In Venice a bus is a boat: the VAPORETTO

vaporetto Venice 2To move around in town, there are no public road means of transportation ,but big water buses,” VAPORETTI” that are quite well organized, though not exactly cheap.

Travelling by water, it can be a bit slow, this is sure, but please do not forget that you are on vacation and the fare includes a magnificent panorama that you are allowed to enjoy through its windows.

If you are a little bit “in a hurry” use the boats as the Venetians do…only for a short journey and then the rest by foot.

The ticket is quite expensive, but if you if you buy a valid 24 or 48 hour pass, a savings is ensured. For further information about fares visit this website.

REMEMBER: always validate your ticket before boarding!


Remember that vaporetti are not reserved for tourists, on the contrary, the Venetians take them to go to work, so just do as they do:

  • before boarding, let people get off of the boat first, keep the passage clear;
  • after boarding, always enter the cabin, don’t stop close to the gate outside, proceed inside  (even in Summertime when it is hot!)or  towards the outside seating areas, otherwise someone else will not be able  to get on.
  • in case you are an elderly or disabled person or if you are pregnant or a mother with a baby, you will be allowed to occupy the first row of reserved seats.
  • But above all, remember that Venice is small: it is sometimes quicker to walk rather than to wait for the water bus.


By boat to the city heart

Outside the terminal “Arrivi” follow the sign “darsena” untill you reach the dock where you can leave the trolleys.

water taxi VeniceBy private water taxi

Here there are the links of some of the several companies providing private transfers: remember to ask the price before boarding..

www.motoscafivenezia.it  –  www.veneziataxi.it  –  www.venezianamotoscafi.it

alilaguna boatBy public water bus

Much cheaper… but slower!

For more info visit www.alilaguna.it

To the bus station “Piazzale Roma” and then by water taxi or vaporetto to your hotel

By public bus: right outside the terminal you will find two bus companies: ACTV (orange buses) ATVO (blue buses)

By taxi: right outside the terminal you will find the company Radio Taxi Venezia 

By private car: in case you need a minibus or you prefer to rent a car with driver you can contact several companies. Click here to get a list


You can move around by private water taxi or by “vaporetto” (water bus )


to St Mark’s Square

By private water taxi

By public water bus

To the bus station “Piazzale Roma” 

By taxi or by people mover (shuttle train) 

More info about tours from the cruise terminal 

to the airport

By taxi  or by private car: in case you need a minibus or you prefer to rent a car with driver you can contact several companies. Click here to get a list of drivers.


Rates are set by the Institute for the Conservation of the Gondola and for Gondoliers’ Rights, City of Venice, tel. 041.528.50.75 


  • the first 30 minutes up to 6 persons € 80,00
  • for each additional 20 minutes € 40,00
  • night-time personalised and standard tour (from 7pm-to 8am) 35 minuten, maximum 6 people  100,00
  • night-time service for each additional 20 minutes (after the first 40th minutes) € 50,00

cooking in Venice 2The spirit of Venice is also in its flavors! From “cichéti”, the local very traditional fish or meat tapas to the very refined cuisine of the great maîtres, there is a broad and ample range of opportunities to explore in the culinary delights of Venice.

Take our advice: don’t enter the first restaurant you see when you are already starving and don’t completely trust what you read up in an old guidebook, that might be not updated.

cooking in Venice 3

The best is to mingle with the locals and to find out where the gondoliers -who are notorious gourmets- have lunch. We will be glad to reveal to you some of our favorite restaurants during the tour or if you contact us.

  • Keep the right while walking along the narrow streets
  • Put your trash in the bins on the street.
  • Don’t purchase from illegal vendors
  • Don’t sit on the bridges
  • Dont’ feed the pigeons
  • No picnic in St Mark’s area
  • It is forbidden to walk around in swimwear or bare-chested
  • Remember to take off your hat in churches
  • No graffiti!
  • On water-buses take your backpack off your shoulders, keep the exit clear, put your suitcases in the luggage place
  • In case of high water keep the right on the water planks and do not stop to take pictures. 
  • limit noice level especially after 11pm


However, Venice is not exactly well-known for its sparkling night-life, but you can always find a way to spend a nice evening: a classical concert at the opera house, a play at the theater, a cocktail in an exclusive bar and much more.

Here you have some links:


Musica a Palazzo

I musici veneziani
Interpreti Veneziani

Music in Venice


Gran Teatro La Fenice e Teatro Malibran 



Carnevale di Venezia

And don’t forget Poker, Roulettes and company: the Casino of Venice is the oldest gambling house of the world, founded in 1638!

Here you have some links to the most important museums of Venice:

Musei Civici Veneziani (Palazzo Ducale, Ca’ Rezzonico, Ca’ Mocenigo, Ca’ Pesaro, Correr, Glass Museum, Natural History Museum, Fortuny Palace, Clock Tower, Lace Museum, Carlo Goldoni’s House)


Palazzo Grimani

Ca’ d’Oro

Fondazione Guggenheim

Fondazione Pinault




Shops: normally open at 9 oc’clock and close at 7.30pm. Some shops that work mostly with the locals still have siesta from 12.30 to 3.30pm and might be closed on Sunday. These times are not fixed. 

Banks are normally open from 8.30am to 5pm (sometimes with lunch break). Closed on the weekend.

Pharmacies are normally open from 8.30am to 7,30pm (with lunch break). For emergencies during the weekend check here


Ambulance 118

Police 113

Firemen 115