Experiential tour: The secret in the Palace

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Looking for a Venice away from crowds, where you can find silent alleys and canals with still water? Fancy a light and sparkling tour like a game and an experience also capable to leave something special to bring back home with you?

Then you are ready to become one of the heroes of a romantic and mysterious story, just like Venice.

An experimental tour to get in touch with the hidden Venice 

You will be able to discover the Dorsoduro district, the most beloved by artists and writers. The stones of Venice will reveal their secrets. You will also have the possibility to go beyond and get to know the soul of an aristocratic palace with its secret garden hidden behind a long brick wall where you will be able to freshen up with an aperitive and maybe to meet the owner, if you are lucky. Amazing photos are guaranteed.


A researcher from Venice University who is busy in the study of the life of an 19th century archeologist has found among his papers a document inside which he reveals that some years before he stole a precious object. Luckily he has left some clues. Would you like to join the researcher in the difficult task to find the mysterious and precious object?