Family tours and scavenger hunts for kids

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If you are planning a trip to Venice with your family and you wish your kids to get  the most of it, you’d better consider the idea of a private tour with the right guide: a pleasant experience but at the same time an opportunity to grow!

Since we’ve started to travel with our own kids, we’ve realized that if you don’t want your own holiday to be wasted, you need to adapt your cultural needs to your kids’ interests and rhythm. This doesn’t mean that you necessarily have to give up to monuments and museums but that somehow you have to put them forward in a funny way!


Let’s see Venice from above for instance: in a sunny      day, we could see  the  whole lagoon from the top of its Man of the House, a 100  meters high  bell  tower! We’ll be the tallest ones, the other bell towers will look  like  little candles,  and the other people just tiny ants! Children will love it!

Why don’t we climb the fabulous  Scala del Bovolo? Let’s count all the steps of this winding starcase and check if there are cats walking ob the roofs!


Or, why don’t we organize a nice Treasure Hunt? A Quiz Tour in the Doge’s Palace, that is a lovely place for hunting clues and solving riddles …or a Quiz Tour among the Venetian calli and campielli (streets and squares), reaching places where we’ll be able to find the right answers that will let us win the game…a dynamic way to visit Venice, suitable for the youngest children too….


And for grown up children, why don’t we nose into the movie settings of the  most recent movies shot in Venice such as Indiana Jones, Italian Job, Casino  Royal,The Tourist. Discovering Venice through the camera’s eyes may turn out  much fun: by using a tablet, we’ll compare the fake Venice to the real one, and find out tricks and  retouching of the big screen!



Art doesn’t deal only with big painters, architects and sculptors! Even your kids might be inspired by the beauty of Venice and fell like expressing their own creativeness: let’s have some fun by learning how to decorate a real Venetian papier-mâché mask in a workshop! And while children are busy with colors and paint-brushes, their parents may want to visit a nearby church or a museum with us…


But don’t forget that Venice stands on the water and kids normally love  boating up and down the Grand Canal! It mustn’t necessarily be a private boat: we could use the public service, the Vaporetto, we’ll see Venice from the  water, getting off now and then in some strategic places where We’ll tell you some  stories and legends and some things of nowadays life, as to let you grasp the  essence of this strange water-town.


What about an excursion to the islands of the Venetian Lagoon? In a sunny day, a boat tour is the ideal way to let kids discover the natural environment that surrounds Venice. Let’s reach the cradle of the Venetian civilization: we’ll go and visit the peaceful cats of the green Torcello island and play seek and hunt among bushes and ancient monuments; we’ll stroll among the most colorful  houses of Burano island while I’ll tell you the legend that gave birth to the beautiful Burano laces; we’ll drop in at an old glass factory and ask an expert glass master to reveal some of his secrets about glassmaking…

Finally, if kids really need an half day off from sightseeing, just take them to the Lido di Venezia and let them take a ride on a bicycle or, why not, swim in the sea!!!