Discovering the Lagoon: Murano, Burano and Torcello

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Our Venice would not even exist without its lagoon: chosen , this extraordinary morphological system conditioned since the beginning by choice of the Venetian State, has always tried to preserve its main characteristics and to rescue it from its own destiny.


The first stop on our tour includes visiting the island of Murano, known especially for its incredible art of glass blowing, still today the largest source of income for its inhabitants. A walk along the Fondamenta dei Vetrai, packed with shops and factories for the production of glass, then a step across the Canal Grande of Murano, we’ll pass through the Glass Museum to finally visit the ancient Church of Santa Maria and Donato. If so desired, one can visit for free a Glass factory which produces true works of art and also attend a demonstration by a master glassmaker, whose glassblowing becomes an artistic creation of glass.
The second call is to the charming multicolored island of Burano, the lace making center and where delicious biscuits called “bussolai” are baked daily.

Finally onto the picturesque island of Torcello that has the charm of isolated places and is an island that houses the remains of some of the most ancient monuments of the Venetian civilization – the first cathedral in Venice, Santa Maria Assunta, and the church of Santa Fosca.

Tour duration: approx. 4 hours by private boat or 6/8 hours by public means of transportation (waterbus/ferryboat)

Notes: For an all day tour, lunch can be booked in a typical local restaurant.


This is a perfect tour for a family with kids! Please also see