The must see: St Mark’s Square and the Golden Church

  • basilica di san marco
  • CHiesa di san MArco Venezia
  • Piazza SAn MArco Venezia


After an introduction in St Mark’s Square, enjoy the fabulous St Mark’s Basilica (with skip-the-line tickets) and a walking tour to grasp the true essence of Venice, by learning about the glorious past and also everyday life. 


St Mark’s Square, sumptuous theatre of the city splendour, in the past and in the present, protected by the silent majesty of the famous Bell Tower. Then, the inimitable and unique Basilica of San Marco with its thousands of square meters of gold mosaics and its oriental atmosphere 

We highly recommend to include the Pala d’Oro, (the Golden Altar Piece), an amazing piece of art that also offers the opportunity of stopping for a few minutes closed to St Mark’s Tomb while listening to our stories and anedoctes. The tour can also include the  Museum of the Cathedral with the amazing four bronze horses , stolen by the Venetian during the IV Crusade; from the upper floor the golden mosaics are closer and  the ticket also allow you to get to the panoramic terrace.

We also suggest to complete this tour with an orientation walking tour throughout charming campi and campielli to talk about the history of Venice and everyday life in such a special town.

See our suggestions of itineraries from St Mark’s Square: ⇒ walking tours,

All our itineraries are fully customizable and can be combined with other tours, such as a tour in the ⇒Doge’s Palace or a ⇒boat tour.  

Duration: around 2 hours (church+ walking tour or church + boat tout).  

Notes: in case of a flooding event the skip-the-line access is not guaranteed.