Team building


For business-teams and family-teams

Are you thinking of organizing a team building activity for your company in Venice? We propose unconventional experiences in a unique setting to motivate your selling strength, to strengthen your working team and to retain your clients.

team building activities venice

Or are you organizing a family holiday in Venice with your teen children and you would like to transform this experience in a way to consolidate your family ties and maybe to reinforce the bonding between siblings of different ages?
With this type of tour you will not only discover Venice while having fun but your family team will come out stronger, thanks to games and targeted team building activities.

Fun and engaging activities

One of the most effective activities to increase the cohesion of the working group is treasure hunting-orienteering. A team that really acts as such – and therefore not only allowing the individual to express his talent, but also to put this same talent at the disposal of the group to achieve a common goal – is undoubtedly a winning team! The treasure hunt aimed at team building implements a healthy and sporting competition that allows group problem solving to be achieved, teaches teamwork, improves communication and recognition of leadership, and transforms into a close-knit and winning team colleagues who often get to know each other in a hasty and superficial way.

Our team building activities can take place in different areas of the town and can be focused on historical, cultural and popular traditions; the tests range from memory and logic activities to those of creativity and agility and are proposed in a playful and engaging way, for an experience of guaranteed success.

team building activities venice