The history of Venetian paintings: the Accademia Galleries

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In a city such as Venice, plunged in a vibrant and evanescent atmosphere that lets the outline fade away and the boundaries disappear, it’s no surprise that the Venetian painters preferred to sacrifice the perfect drawing in the name of color and light.

Color and light: the extraordinary adventure of the Venetian painting.

The tour:

The Accademia Galleries offer the chance to follow a guided itinerary covering five centuries of Venetian painting.
Starting from its strict connection with the Byzantine art of its origins, I will illustrate its relationship with the Florentine School of the 15th century, so relevant in understanding the essence of the Venetian Renaissance, the golden season of the great masters: The lyric style of the patriarchs Bellini and Giorgione, the fairy tales of Carpaccio, the triumph of sensuality and colors of Titian, the energy and passion of Tintoretto, the elegance and the opulence of Veronese. We will finish the tour off by viewing the fascinating season of 18th century Venice, which interpreted the decline of the Serenissima.

The protagonists will be Canaletto, who chose Venice as the main subject of his art and Tiepolo who let an ancient world live again, in a light tragedy-free universe made of lovely nymphs and gods.


Duration: around 1,5 hour

Notes: for groups, a reservation is required.
Due to restoration and extension works going on at present, some of the rooms might be closed.