Diana Cugola

Diana Cugola


Curious and adventurous, always in motion, I’ve always been interested in discovering new cultures and meeting new people; I have been traveling a lot, for work or leisure, and still traveling is my big passion!

But Venice is my home town, and Venice has “imprisoned” me: every time I go away from it, for short or long terms, inevitably – sooner or later – nothing and nobody can retain me: I’ve always come back, and I’m still here, in my city, so magical, incomparable and unique!

I love any art form, and literature: these aptitudes led my way to my education: I graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the Venice University.

While studying at the University, I worked at the Biennale di Venezia (Architecture and Visual Arts), also collaborating with other art organizations such as the Teatro Alla Scala in Milan.

Once graduated, I became a tour assistant and worked for several years as an outgoing tour manager in different parts of the World (Europe, Russia, North Africa), then moved to Russia and spent there some years…

But Venice called me back…

And I came back!

I realized that my love for this city was stronger than any other passion and that I had to find out a way to tell and express the deep emotion which ties me to it: it’s been 25 years since when I became a licensed tourist guide, but I’m still in love with my job and with Venice which never stops to amaze me! I love to tell visitors about it, and love sharing emotions and experiences with travelers who make my job even more exciting!