Federica Fresch

Federica Fresch


My educational background and my passion for Art

I did classical studies and I have a degree with honours in History of Art from Venice University. For someone who loves art as I do, Venice is really the perfect place to study and work! I’ve always wanted to become a tour guide, to be surrounded by beauty and to meet people from all over the world to share it.

A dream come true

In 2002 I proudly passed the exam and I fulfilled my dream, becoming an Official Certified Tourist Guide in Venice!

A job as a passion

Now I’ve been working as a tour guide for quite a long time, but I never get tired! Venice never ends to enchant me and being a good updated tour guide is a work in progress. Meeting new people every day, of different countries and different ages, is interesting and stimulating. I love my job: it is not so much a job as it is a passion.