Rossana Colombo

Rossana Colombo

Phone:+39 3396008709


My background and my beginning in tourism

My professional history begins as a travel agent twenty years ago. After getting my degree in Foreign Languages and Literature at the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice, I also passed the examination to become a Travel Assistant. Then, following my independent nature, I decided to “jump desk”, and I quit the office to work freelance.

When a dreams comes true

Yet, being a tour assistant was still not enough yet for me. Since my schooldays, I had never stopped studying the history and the art of Venice, a city I have always been in love with.
In 2007 my dream came true: after years of studying and long preparations, I survived the hard examination given by the Province of Venice and I got my license to be an Official Tourist Guide of Venice!

Becoming a freelancer

Now, I am really satisfied with my job which I consider a real privilege as it spurs me to always give my best. Every day, I interpret my city with all the passion I can, meeting interesting people from all over the world and thanks to this continued exchange of ideas and experiences, my life knowledge becomes richer and richer.